On-Air Academy

Course Dates: Open-ended
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Course Language: English
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Kristen Pope
Kristen Pope
Audacious, purpose-living, and focused on doing the work--that's my motto for 2014! This motto is driving my passion to create ...
On-Air Academy

About this course

In the On-Air Academy, you will walk away with the master keys to set an intentional vision, tell an award-winning story, compile a reel that gets the job, get hiring managers to notice you, join a professional network and ultimately GET THE JOB! The on On-Air Academy has a video training for each section complete with an exercise activity or exclusive resource that I personally used to secure a job in the industry.

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Course Structure

  • Introduction
    • Vision
    • Storytelling
    • The Real Behind the Reel
    • Make Your List
    • Get on the Radar
    • Join a Journalism Community
    • Course Evaluation